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Interested in L.E.A.P.S. coming to visit your School or Club for a Free Demonstration ?? 

If so please contact us: 


L.E.A.P.S. Lacrosse

3721 Midvale Avenue

Philadelphia, PA 19129

Phone (215) 951-0330 ext 2190  Fax (215) 951-0342


Eric Gregg, This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it


See the following list of where we have been to help with grow the game ! 


Pa Schools 

1. Northeast High School 

2. Central High School 

3. Girls High School

4. Lincoln High School  

5. Douglas High School 

6. Sayre High School

7. George Washington High School 

8. Engineering and Science High School  

9.  Vaux High School 

10.  Elverson High School 

11.  Frankford High School 

12.  Kensington CAPA  High School 

13.  Kensington Culinary High School 

14.  Lankenau High School  

15.  Roxborough High School  

16.  Ben Franklin High School 

17.  FLC High School  

18.  Masterman High School  

19.  Overbrook High School  

20.  Dobbins High School 

21.  Carroll High School  

22.  Mastbaum High School  

23.  High School of the Future 

24.  Parkway West High School  

25.  Parkway Center City High School  

26.  Edison High School 

27.  Simon Gratz High School 

28.  Palumbo Academy High School 

29.  BOK Tech High School  

30.  South Philly High School  

31.  Lamberton High School  

32.  Communications Tech High School 

33.  Motivation High School 

34.  Rush High School 

35.  Boys Latin Charter School

36.  Mastery Charter School

37.  Delaware Valley Charter School

38.  Audenreid High School 

39.  Calvary Christian Charter School

40.  Grover Washington Middle School

41.  Baldi Middle School

42.  Bache-Martin Elementary School

43.  Meredith Elementary School

44.  Martha Washington Middle School

45.  William Dick Elementary School

46.  Harambee Charter School

47.  Lingelbach Elementary School 


NJ Schools

1.   JW Lilley School

2.   Union Valley School

3.   Blackwood Elementary School

4.   Erial School

5.   Ann Mullen Middle School

6.   Pyne Poynt Middle School

7.   Dudley Middle School


Chicago Schools

St. Malachy's Middle School


New Orleans Schools

KIPP Renaissance High School


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