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Resources For Human Development, Inc. (RHD) is a large, diversified nonprofit social service organization. Headquartered in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, we currently sponsor human service programs in twelve states. Since 1970, we've worked quietly behind the scenes of many programs you may already know.

The more than 150 programs we sponsor provide a wide range of services that improve the lives of thousands in need each year.

From providing residential services for individuals with mental illness, mental retardation, chemical addiction, and those who are homeless, to job training, assisted transportation, and crisis intervention--we're ready to provide assistance wherever the need exists.

RHD prides itself on its history of innovation, not only in the type and quality of the services we offer, but also in the management techniques we employ. Program directors and their staff have maximum authority, creativity, and autonomy. Our Central Office staff provide fiscal supervision, management oversight, support and encouragement, and technical assistance to all programs.

At RHD, we're committed to the fundamental value of dignity and respect for all human beings, to the empowerment of our consumers and staff, to a collaborative management model, and to the importance of timely change and risk-taking.


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